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Enterpreneurial Summary

Name: Ganesan Gopal
Designation:Chairman, Vignesh Group

As a Successful Entrepreneur, He had started his business career in the year 1988, by Promoting M/s. Sri Vignesh Pharma at Madurai.His entrepreneurial Professional achievements travelled through many achievements, by Promoting Group Companies like:

M/s. Sri Vignesh Pharma in the year 1988

M/s. Vignesh Associates in the year 2006

M/s. Keerthi Pharma 2008

M/s. Palaniappa Pharma Pvt. Ltd. 2008

M/s. Vignesh Distributors in the year 2012

M/s. SPSS Medical Hall in the year 2013

M/s. Senthil Ganagapthy Agency in the year 2013

M/S. Haarisam Enterprises in the year 2014

M/S GG Lifecare in the year 2014

This year 2014, He promoted his Visionary Project, namely GG Lifecare, at Madurai.


 1.The details of memberships in professional associations.

E. C. Member – Tamil Nadu Chemist & Druggist Association.

E. C. Member – Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Ex. President – Chemist & Druggist Association, Madurai District.

Ex. E. C. Member – All India Organisations of Chemist & Druggist.

2. The details of memberships in other associations.

E. C. Member – MAVMM SABAI, Madurai.

General Seceratary/Correspondent – SACS MAVMM Engineering College, Madurai.

Deputy Chairman – OAA MAVMM School of Management, Madurai.

Deputy Chairman – SACS MAVMM Hospital, Madurai.

Governing Body Member – "Anbagam", a Home for Special Child, Madurai.

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Professional Details

Group Of Companies
Staffs in No's
Area In Sq feet
Nature Of Business
1 M/s. Sri Vignesh Pharma 1988 50 6000 Stockist for 100 Indian & MNC Companies.
2 M/s. Vignesh Associates 2008 60 18,000 C&F Agent for FDC Ltd and Mankind Pharma, Super Stockist for Baxter.
3 M/s. Keerthi Pharma 2008 60 3000 Stockist for 100 Indian & MNC Companies.
4 M/s. Palaniappa Pharma Pvt. Ltd 2008 50 5000 Stockist for 75 Indian & MNC Companies.
5 M/s. Mutiara Roofing Industries Pvt. Ltd 2009 46 2.5 Acres Manufacturing of Coloured Roofing Sheets
6 M/s. Vignesh Distributors 2012 10 5000 C&F Agent for Life Star Pharma, New Delhi
7 M/s. SPSS Medical Hall 2013 40 2500 Stockist for 75 Indian & MNC Companies
8 M/s. Senthil Ganagapthy Agency
2013 40 6000 Stockist for 140 Indian & MNC Companies
9 M/S. Haarisam Enterprises 2014 6 2000 Super Stockist for Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals